About Trah

Trah Computer Services provide digital and social media solutions.

Social Media

Technology + Social Interaction + Content = Social Media

Any business looking to embrace social media requires real-time facilities. Trah can provide solutions to meet your specific business needs. Collaborative working on documents, spreadsheets and presentations, incorporation of online payments, use of cloud technology and real-time website authoring and updating.

Our website has an extensive range of functionality. Approved staff at Trah are able to update this website and facilities in real-time from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection. This can be achieved using smart phones, or tablets or desktops. We can help you achieve this vision too for your business.

Mobile devices

People are changing how they consume content and any online presence needs to provide a great mobile experience.

As more people interact with content on the go, doors open for any business that successfully meets the challenges of publishing in a mobile world. The websites we produce are designed to run on mobile devices such as Google Android and Apple iPad and iPhone.

Semantic web

The semantic web is about making information and services more useful by adding the context of data through tagging or metadata using Resource Description Framework (RDF) or Web Ontology Language. This enables search engines to distinguish between types of information to provide better results.

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Autorun files from CD using StarterFile

Put a CD into a drive and have content displayed automatically.
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Client comments

"For me, StarterFile is a good solution." 
Mike Kubanek, Director Customer Satisfaction Siemens ICN

"We are using the product and it is wonderful,
easy to use and does exactly what we were looking for."
Denise McGonigal, Planning Analyst

"By the way, I think starterfile.exe is a great program
I like it because it is seamless."
Geoff March

"We have purchased Starterfile from you, and it's a great little tool."
Martin Taylor, Saunders Partnership Architects

"Congrats on a really simple application."
Peter Stanford.

"At last! an autorun program that is simple and easy to use."
Robert Rainey

"It just works.
No 400-page user manual, no calls to tech support.
I just read the simple instructions, and it worked right away."
Jose Leary, Systems Engineer

"StarterFile is the app I've been looking for. It's so easy to implement, and it really expands the toolset for creating self running applications. I've always believed incorporating HTML, Flash, QT or MPEG movies could enable easy development of CD-ROM application, but before StarterFile existed, there was no simple way of getting these applications to self run. StarterFile enables all of our web tools to become CD-ROM development tools."
Richard Lin, CEO
3Forces Digital, Inc.